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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Be Careful When Playing With A Ouija Board!

The Following Story is By: nimrod

This story happened to my grandmother. Picture it, mid 1960s. Every novelty store had a strange game called Ouija Board. It was considered good fun to use one. In fact, it became the party tradition for a group of friends. Almost everyday, a party would be held at one person's house to play ouija board. They didn't think of the consequences of using the board. Why would they? It was only a game.

Then one late Friday night, a newcomer came to the party. Twenty people gathered around the table to show this woman what fun they would have with the ouija board. My grandmother was the leader though. She knew the ouija board better than anyone there. She volunteered to play with this newcomer. All throughout the night, they played the ouija board. They thought it was an innocent game until weird things started happening.

The doors and windows were opening by themselves. Things were thrown against the wall. They all thought it was a joke. They thought one of the party goers had set up this elaborate joke. But it wasn't a joke. They asked who was in charge of the ouija board. The board spelled out S-A-T-A-N. Everyone's expression was blank. They realized it wasn't a joke. Nothing happened after that.

My grandmother never touched a ouija board again.

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