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Monday, January 19, 2009

The Lemp Mansion

Lemp Mansion

The Lemp Mansion, located at 3322 Demenil Place, St. Louis, MO 63118
is one of the St. Louis area's most haunted places.

The story of the Lemp Family begins when Johann Lemp came to St. Louis from Eschwege, Germany in 1838. Lemp sought to build his fortune as a grocer. In addition to groceries, Johann made a lager beer, a skill he learned from his father. In 1840, Johann Lemp gave up the grocery business and built a brewery that enjoyed success and he died a millionaire.

William Lemp suceeded his father running the brewery. William built the company into a giant industry leader. By 1870, the Lemp brewery was the largest in St. Louis.

Unfortunately for the Lemp family, tradgedy fell upon the family. William's son Frederick mysteriously died in 1901. Three years later, still distraught over the loss of Frederick, William shot himself.

Through prohibition, tradgedy continued. In 1920, William's daughter Elsa committed suicide. Eighteen years after William Lemp's death, William Jr., committed suicide in the same building as his father. William Lemp III died from a heart attack at the age of forty-two. William Jr's brother Charles too commited suicide. The last of the Lemp family to die was Edwin at the age of ninety in 1970. Edwin died of natural causes.

From all of the misfortunes of the Lemp family, many believe the mansion to be haunted. Several areas of the home exhibit happenings of the paranormal nature.

Today, you can visit the Lemp Mansion as it is a restaurant and bed and breakfast. Perhaps if you visit, you may experience something unusual.

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