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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Family In Need Of Christmas Help

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Myer House/Twillman House

Hello everyone,

It has been a long time since I have made a new post here I thought it was about time for some catching up. Eric (my fiancee), and I have joined a paranormal group since my last posts here. Yes! We are now actual ghost hunters and love what we do! The paranormal field can be quite an experience and even though it can be exciting and fun it can also be a bit scary at times! No matter, we love what we do and our group is very passionate and serious about the paranormal world. Eric and I are both a bit new at being paranormal investigators and have only had the opportunity to do three investigations so far but we had a very exciting experience and we caught on fast!
One thing we have learned from our first three experiences is to be prepared for ANYTHING at anytime and have your camera ready! You have to stay focused and realize that this is not a game. When it comes to the paranormal world there is a time for laughing and joking around, but then there is also a time to be serious.

Having said that I would like to share our first two experiences of the three investigations with you, and hope you will enjoy the photos that we took. Feel free to leave any questions or comments. These are actual photos I took with my digital camera and have only been lightened up a bit in photoshop, other than that the photos are in their complete originality.

I will be sharing more of our investigations with you in the near future.



These photos are of the Myer House. We were not exactly sure how the finger prints got there.


Is that a face in the window? hmmm

This photo was very dark, but I tried to lighten it as best as I could. Look closely to find the couple hugging.
Notice the orb and couple hugging.

This was a three hour investigation and was quite an experience for Eric and I as this was our very first investigation.

While inside the Myer house and during the investigation I distinctly and clearly heard someone calling "Mom" as me and some of the other people in our group were going up the stairway.

After we had taken some photos and done some investigating for awhile upstairs we made our way back downstairs and once we reached the landing at the bottom of the stairs we had decided to take a short break before continuing. While standing there and leaning against a doorway I felt someone begin to very lightly stroke my hair on the back of my head. I froze and didn't move a muscle there was noone behind me. There was just a few of us on the landing the other members were investigating other areas of the house. Something was definitely stroking my hair there was no doubt about it...

These are all original photos taken inside the Twillman House which was our second investigation.

It appears there is a face or possibly more than one in the center of the photo between the boards and to the upper and lower right of the flash.

Could it be yet another face?

Just outside the doorway of this bathroom some boards were leaning against the wall. One of the members of the group experienced one of those boards being pushed over onto his leg during the investigation.

Possible orb?

I hope you have enjoyed these photos. Remember to leave any questions or comments. Check back soon as we have more paranormal investigations coming up and I will be sharing more.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Haunted Hotel

Scary Night In St. Louis

The following story is by: blackrabbit

I was in St. Louis on a business trip installing some computers at our new building there and staying in this creepy hotel. I don't remember what one, but it was an older hotel and the name Raddison pops into my head. The place gave me the creeps from the moment I got there and I was just uneasy the whole time.

I woke up at two am and felt like someone was sitting on my back and I couldn't move. I've had episodes of sleep paralysis and been aware of not being able to move but all those times I couldn't open my eyes. This WASN'T sleep paralysis since I could see in the dim light of the room. I just couldn't move, like I was pinned to the bed. I saw my cell phone on my bed and for some reason that seemed logical at the time, if I called my mom I would be ok, so I kept trying to force my arms to reach for the phone.

After twenty minutes of this terrifying ordeal (remember my eyes were open so I could see the clock) I felt this cold chill shoot into my lower back and then work its way in both directions, towards my feet and head and then I could move. This was NOT sleep paralysis, this was something evil! I was there for four days and was glad to get back to Phoenix. I had never been so scared in my entire life. This happened about five years ago. If I could remember the exact hotel this happened in, I'd tell people to never go there EVER!

Is Is Possible?

Commercial Ghost

The following story is by:Darick

Before I begin, foul language is hard to avoid for my experience because it is essential to the actual dialog, I have abbreviated words that are not allowed. I have only experienced what I believe to be a ghost only once when I was 12 years old. My old house had a finished basement which my brother (10) and I used as our play room.

Foul language was very discouraged in my house so my brother and I would cuss as much as possible when my parents were not around, cussing at the TV was normal for us (we were weird kids).

One night while playing and watching TV in the basement with my brother, a toothpaste commercial came on. I cannot remember the brand of toothpaste, but I do remember everything else. The woman was talking about how the toothpaste was good for her family's dental hygiene and how it was changing their lives. My brother burst out "F*ck your family b*tch!" I started to laugh but the woman on TV looked straight at him and said "Excuse me?!". At this point we still thought that something might be happening with the plot of the commercial that would make her say that and I chimed in "Your an ugly w*hre" to make my brother laugh, but to my horror the woman then turned and glared at me and sternly asked where our mother was.

Now, I would like to say that we had a come-back, but honestly we both just froze and stared at the television. The woman looked down and began to cry, holding her hand over her mouth and glancing at us, she suddenly looked like a worn out, beaten woman and the shiny, commercial lighting was gone, for lack of a better way of explaining it, she looked 'real'.

This all happened within about 30 seconds, then the commercial ended. I remember my brother cried afterwards and I told him to settle down, we were glued to the TV for hours after to see if the same commercial would come on again and this time we wouldn't say anything to see if it was just a coincidence, but it never came back on.

I'm not saying it was a ghost, it could have been a coincidence, but I know I never saw that commercial again and my brother and I both vividly remember it and bring it up often. Thanks for the chance to share my story.

Be Careful When Playing With A Ouija Board!

The Following Story is By: nimrod

This story happened to my grandmother. Picture it, mid 1960s. Every novelty store had a strange game called Ouija Board. It was considered good fun to use one. In fact, it became the party tradition for a group of friends. Almost everyday, a party would be held at one person's house to play ouija board. They didn't think of the consequences of using the board. Why would they? It was only a game.

Then one late Friday night, a newcomer came to the party. Twenty people gathered around the table to show this woman what fun they would have with the ouija board. My grandmother was the leader though. She knew the ouija board better than anyone there. She volunteered to play with this newcomer. All throughout the night, they played the ouija board. They thought it was an innocent game until weird things started happening.

The doors and windows were opening by themselves. Things were thrown against the wall. They all thought it was a joke. They thought one of the party goers had set up this elaborate joke. But it wasn't a joke. They asked who was in charge of the ouija board. The board spelled out S-A-T-A-N. Everyone's expression was blank. They realized it wasn't a joke. Nothing happened after that.

My grandmother never touched a ouija board again.

A Night At Abuela's House

The following story is by: Jasmine314

This story takes place in the city of St. Louis, Missouri. The year was 1996. I don't remember what time of the year it was, but I was eight years old. I don't even remember what I did that day or why my mother and I stayed the night at my grandmother's house.

My grandmother's house was a shot-gun style house. The living room, dining room, and the master bedroom were all connected. There was a door that led to the master bedroom from the dining room. If you sat in the living room and looked straight, you could see through to the dining room and into the bedroom's door.

I remember we were sleeping in grandmother's living room. My mother and my grandmother were lying on the floor sleeping, but I was on the couch trying to sleep. I lay on my side and faced the dining room. I opened my eyes and in the dining room, at the threshold of my grandmother's bedroom, I saw something. I knew what it could be since my mother had told me ghost stories that took place in her childhood, so I was aware of the possibilities of a ghost's existence.

When I saw this white figure, I was terrified, but I kept staring at it and couldn't even blink. It was a figure of a woman, and I could see her hourglass figure. At first she was really still, but then she started moving in place. She was waving her hands as if she wanted me to come near her. I continued to stare and the woman began to move as if she was dancing very slowly. It looked as if she was moving in slow motion. I couldn't see her face or even the clothes she was wearing. Her whole body appeared a bright white, almost fluorescent.

I wanted to get my mother's attention, but I was too afraid to move. I didn't want the ghost to know I could see her. I just pulled the cover over my face until I fell asleep. The next morning when we all awoke, I told my mother and my grandmother what I had seen. They told me it was my imagination.

Years later, I brought the story up to my grandmother and she told me that she believed me, but she didn't want me to know. Since, I was so young at the time she didn't want to scare me. She stated that she had seen the ghost more than a few times and the ghost would often move things around.

I also found out that around the time I had seen the ghost my little brother was a few weeks old. They would wrap my brother up like a burrito and lay him on my grandmother's bed, then go sleep in the living room. Then, they would wake up to my infant brother's cry and go check on him. When they would go check on him they would find him on the floor in the threshold of the bedroom door with no blankets, cold as a popsickle.

There was no explanation for this since no one else was home and my brother couldn't have moved himself since he was only two weeks old. This happened more than once. Eventually my grandmother moved out to a house down the street. My cousin and his family ended up moving into her old house and say there is a woman haunting them.